Developing an action plan

Developing an action plan


This workshop is designed to help a group explore ways to develop an action plan. It can follow on from workshops designed to develop a project idea or to engage with stakeholders.

The plan for this workshop presumes that the team already has a good idea of what the project is about, and that there has already been a degree of consideration of options, challenges and possible ways to achieve the project. This stage is to clarify the key steps, the timeline and relationships between the steps, to work out responsibilities and possibly also to develop a clearer idea of the budget.

Alternatively, this workshop plan can be used as a training exercise, developing the skills of action planning, for an imaginary project, or in the early stages of planning a PhD, where the goals can be worked out quickly during the workshop.

"I knew we were pushed for time but actually stopping and reviewing the situation by analysing what we had to do and by when really made myself and the group a lot more effective and efficient in our decisions."
Undergraduate second year student