2012 Customer Survey Summary

Ketso Customer Survey 2012

2012 saw the first ever survey of Ketso users. There is a brief summary of results on this page, and more detail can be found in this report (pdf).

88% of respondents agreed that “using Ketso has benefited my organisation or group”.


I’m delighted that the results are so positive. You have told us that Ketso is engaging, encourages participation and is fun to use.

A key message that emerged from the feedback was:  Ketso “gives everyone a real voice and the opportunity to be more creative“ and it “helps to give those who wouldn't necessarily have a voice a chance to participate”.  This was particularly pleasing to hear, given that I was inspired to invent Ketso  by the desire to give women a stronger voice in community development  in Southern Africa back in the mid 90s. 

You particularly value the fact that Ketso structures as well as captures information, and that it has a strong visual appeal. You have also made some suggestions for improvement, which we have acted upon (see below).  

Dr. Joanne Tippett, Managing Director and Founder of Ketso

About the Survey

In late 2012, an anonymous survey of Ketso customers was carried out by Justin Larner, a PhD student at the University of Lancaster.  This was part of the HighWire Doctoral Training Centre’s Regional Challenge 2012, and looked at innovation and open-source. 

80 customers responded (29% response rate). Comments are taken directly from the survey.


The overwhelming majority of customers found that using Ketso benefited their organisation. This chart gives an overview of how Ketso benefits the people using it.

As can be seen, with Ketso, we really are more creative, productive and committed.

Comments from customers included:

  • It breaks traditional boundaries and encourages creativity
  • Outside partners have described our meetings as fun and highly productive
  • Helps equalise / democratise participation across stakeholders
  • Ideas are never wasted as everything can be voiced and made known… no one is excluded

Ketso compared to other methods

If they weren’t using Ketso, 62% of respondents said they would use ‘flip charts and/or post-it notes’.

When asked what makes Ketso different to other methods, comments included:

  • It does the work for me! I love it because I can focus on the questions and instructions - set it up and off the session goes
  • You can pick it up and take it with you, people get excited about using it
  • The Ketso kit is cost saving in terms of reduced flip-chart paper use
  • It's more inclusive and helps people to communicate, take in one another's ideas, see connections
  • Gives a voice to the quieter individuals and balances the contributions of the more vocal
  • It combines the principles behind parallel thinking (six hats), appreciative inquiry, etc. in one simple, accessible and low-tech process
  • It is the whole package, it is very versatile. It also has extra appeal of looking and feeling beautiful, so people are more likely to want to get involved

What does Ketso help our customers do?

Ketso has over 230 customers, is in use in over half of UK universities and in a variety of sectors in 24 countries on every continent (except the Antarctic).  Ketso is being used for community development, environmental planning, health and wellbeing, enterprise development, skills development and teaching at all levels (see examples). 
Customers were asked to ‘give examples of any changes that have come about from using Ketso’.
Our favourite response was:

“My team won an award for best community development program in the Provincial clean and green campaign”. Read more.

Other changes that have come about from using Ketso included:

  • An ineffective Student Council has transformed itself and is now very active and engaged!
  • Effectively re-balanced workload between team members; resulted in problem areas rising to the surface (coming into focus); identified list of future tasks that need to be addressed
  • We identified key areas of staff development and amended our training programme accordingly. It
  • Successful funding applications

A key finding from the survey was: 
“Ketso has proved a valuable tool for dealing with difficult situations and people, as it provides a structured process, enabling people with an agenda to see other points of view and promoting acceptance of group conclusions.” (HighWire Regional Challenge Placement Report, 2013).

Who else should be using Ketso?

When asked who they would recommend Ketso to, one customer commented “the whole of Scotland, because it works and it’s brilliant”. Other suggestions included:

  • Anyone wanting to use an interactive ideas generation tool. I have recommended this to several people and everyone has loved using it
  • I would recommend Ketso to charitable organisations, community groups, cooperatives, small businesses and teachers.
  • Anyone working with relatively large groups where there is a need to get a lot of information 'on the table'
  • Groups who wish to gain participation from hard to reach groups to give those who wouldn't necessarily have a voice a chance to participate
  • Youth work network - better engagement than flip chart - also eco friendly
  • We did this with Deaf, Deafened and hard of hearing people and they loved it
  • Social researchers and managers in social services
  • All local authorities, community groups, third sector organisations for budget, workload planning and most importantly consultations.
  • Everyone who works with the development of people in any format
  • Those planning a conference

One customer commented:
“I would recommend it to all trainers and staff developers and academic staff who teach. I would especially recommend it for novice trainers/developers/teachers as it is an excellent method for running a session whereby the attention is not entirely on the facilitator but focused on the activities. I have given staff entirely unfamiliar with Ketso a quick hour introduction and a bit of coaching and they have run their own sessions with it.”

Improvements to Ketso as a result of the survey

As a result of this survey we commissioned a new spreadsheet for capturing and analysing the results from a Ketso session. We have also developed FAQs on data entry and how to capture information from Ketsos.

You like the fact that we provide resources like workshop plans open-source, and we have revamped this website with a new guide to help you ‘Make the most of your Ketso’.

We learnt that our customers would like to engage more with us via social media, so, as you can see at the top op of this page; you can now follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn and like us on Facebook.  We will be adding user groups soon. Stay tuned.

We were very pleased with the positive feedback, and have gained  many great ideas for improving Ketso. We look forward to hearing more from you, and to even more learning and inspiration from new and existing customers!

Download the full report.